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Submission Guidelines

Fang, Claw & Steel is a magazine dedicated to postive portrayals of werewolves and other werecreatures. The lycanthropes appearing in these pages can be heroes, workers, diplomats, homemakers, or anything under the sun (or moon). But they are generally not Hollywood-esque monsters. That type of lycanthrope already gets too much exposure.  By the same token, I'm not too keen on stories in which werecreatures are portrayed as being all good and humans are scum.

If you would like to contribute to FC&S, then we'd love to hear from you! We're looking for letters of comment, stories, artwork, articles, comics, reviews, and other were-related material. FC&S is a PG rated zine, so explicit nudity, sex, and extreme violence will not be published. Poetry and song lyrics are also not normally included.

If you're interested in submitting to Fang, Claw & Steel, but are having some trouble coming up ideas that fit the zine's theme, see the Submission Suggestions for ideas to help get you into the proper frame of mind.

Text contributions should be submitted in electronic format, either on PC formatted 3.5" floppy diskettes or via email. Files should be in either plain text or Rich Text Format (RTF). Artwork can also be submitted electronically. Black and white line art should be sent as a binary 600 dpi compressed TIFF or GIF file. Grey tone work should be submitted as a greyscale 300 dpi compressed TIFF or GIF file. Hardcopy artwork contributions should be on 8.5x11" plain, white, unfolded paper. Black and white linework will copy best, some grey tone work will also reproduce well as long as it is not too dark, and colour images will be reproduced as greyscale. Please send copies rather than originals in case they get lost in transit.

Fang, Claw & Steel is a not-for-profit publication. The price charged for this magazine is only to cover publishing and distribution costs. Contributors retain the copyrights to their work. All contributors get a free copy of the issue of FC&S containing their work.

You can send submissions, comments or questions to:

Fang, Claw & Steel
576 Elm Road
Stouffville, ON
L4A 1W9

or you can send email to: FC&S Submissions

Special issue #25 of Fang, Claw & Steel
Submission deadline

October 31, 2006