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Submission Suggestions

If you're interested in submitting to Fang, Claw & Steel, but are having some trouble coming up with ideas that fit the zine's theme, here's some suggestions to help get you into the proper frame of mind:

  • Artwork;
    • Single images, comics,
    • "Every picture tells a story"
  • Stories:
    • Original, fanfiction
  • Reviews of werecreature books, films, games, comics, etc.
  • What is the difference between a werecreature and a furry (anthropomorphic animal)?
  • Unusual or obscure species of werecreatures:
    • Herbivoures, aquatics, reptiles, birds, insects, "other"
    • South America, Antarctica, India, Australia, Africa
  • What would a society of werecreatures be like?
    • Would different species have different customs
    • Traditional versus modern values
    • Effects of outside cultural influences
    • Were society influencing other cultures
  • Were relationships with humans and other species
    • Hostile?  Friendly?  Indifferent?
  • Voluntary versus involuntary transformations
  • Different transformation triggers?
  • What sort of jobs would werecreatures have?
  • Characters personality differences between were and human forms
  • Non human werecreatures.
If you're still stumped, then the fastest way to this editor's heart is to submit fan art or fan fiction about my favourite comic book character as described here.

If you've got something to send in, see the Submissions Guidelines for details how.