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Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #2



Issue #2

64 Pages, Black and White
Weird Confessions
Read it if you dare! (Editorial) 
By Terry Wessner

Beneath Our Skins
A frontier tale of friendship and betrayal. (Story) 
Written and illustrated by Melissa Drake

Caffeine Intolerance
By Melissa Drake

The Art of Andrew Pidcock

Lycanthropy on the Internet
You can find werecreatures in the oddest places. (Article) 
By Terry Wessner

Puttin' On My Top Hat
By Terry Wessner

Interview with a Werewolf
Putting the questions to a teenage werewolf. (Interview) 
By Ray Dyer

Nothing to Do with You...
By Michael-Scot McMurry

The Modern Shape-Changer's Guide to Survival
Indispensible advice for lycanthropes coping with these modern times. (Comics) 
By Roy D. Pounds II

The Fox Girl
Circumstances force an uneasy alliance between a kitsune and a lycanthrope hunter. (Story) 
Written by Michael D. Winkle
Illustrated by April Lee

Gary, the Weregnu
By Ben Robinson

The Artwork of Allan Kemp

  • Were Elvis
  • For I Am Many
  • Monument
Man-Wolf a la Bartrop
By Richard J. Bartrop

An excerpt from the fan fiction novel. (Story) 
By Michael D. Winkle

Man-Wolf a la McMurry
By Michael-Scot McMurry

The More than Complete Man-Wolf Appearances Guide (Part 2)
Concluding this ridiculously thorough listing. (Article) 
By Terry Wessner

Random Sketches
By Terry Wessner

Front CoveAndrew Pidcock

Back Cover  Ben Robinson

Additional Artist Credits  Gil Kane, John Romita, George Pérez, Luke Ross

Editor  Terry Wessner