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Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #4


Issue #4

62 Pages, Black and White
The Most Horrible Transformation!
A guest "editorial" reveals the shocking truth! (Editorial) 
By Melissa Drake

The Wolf of the Hare that Bit Him
Where do lycanthropes go for help? Why, to their own support group, of course! (Story) 
By Phil Geusz

Art of Heather Riesen

  • Javert 
  • Summer Quarry 
  • Not Scary
Art of Roy D. Pounds II
(Artwork and Comics) 
  • A Friend in Need 
  • This Should Make You Feel Better 
  • Who's Testing Whom? 
  • Blood Will Tell 
  • One Night at the Hospital 
To Run Free
If you love someone, set her free. But what if you're not the one keeping her a prisoner? (Story) 
By Christopher Hughes

Art of Bill Schmickle

Premiering the comic strip adventures of a twentysomething werewolf and his "unique" friends. (Comics) 
By Steve Artelle

This Is So Humiliating
By Wookiee

Have Fangs, Will Travel! 
Adventure! Danger! Hyperbole! Exclamation Points! Oh yeah, and a werewolf, too. (Story) 
By Terry Wessner

You Want a Piece of Me?
By Wookiee

Art of Torrle Z. Wolf

The Autumn Beast 
They said the Autumn Beast always comes for the O'Maddens.  But they never said why. (Story) 
By Michael D. Winkle

Art of Andrew Pidcock

  • Lady Lune 
  • Jessica 
  • Mush 
Sideshow Loopy
In a world of darkness, what price would a werewolf pay for happiness? (Story) 
By Andrew Pidcock

The Modern Shape-Changer's Guide to Survival
A new installment in this indispensible guide for lycanthropes coping with these modern times. (Comics) 
By Roy D. Pounds II

Faces of a Were... 
By Silfur

By Silfur

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Sex and Violence Special - Call for Submissions

Front Cover  Bill Schmickle

Back Cover  Steve Artelle

Editor  Terry Wessner