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Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #5



Issue #5

66 Pages, Black and White
On the passing of Mailbox Books. (Editorial) 
By Terry Wessner 

Lycanthropic Moments
By Roy D. Pounds II

A Halloween Story
Sometimes shapeshifters have an advantage. (Comics) 
By Roy D. Pounds II

Art of Bill Schmickle

The Watchtower
A story shining a light into the darkest prison - the human heart.  (Story) 
By Ben Goodridge

More comic strip adventures of Pete and his unique friends.  (Comics) 
By Steve Artelle

Yuppie Werewolf
By Andrew Pidcock

His Master's Voice
What would a werewolf have as a pet?  (Story) 
By Melissa Drake

Art of Heather Riesen

Art of Silverfox

Art of Wookiee

The Last One
When extinction snaps at all creatures, where does a shapeshifter's allegiance lay?  (Story) 
By Lyka

Art of Genesis Whitmore

A Kitsunie Story
Werecreatures...In...Spaaaacccceeee!  (Comics) 
By Roy D. Pounds II
Concept by Bonnie Burchill

Top of the Mountain
The plight of a dying child forces a werewolf healer to confront his own past.  (Story) 
By Ben Goodridge

Art of David Schneberger

Submission Guidelines

Mature Readers Special - Call for Submissions

Front Cover  Heather Riesen

Back Cover  Kishma Danielle

Additional Art  Roy D. Pounds II, Genesis Whitmore

Editor  Terry Wessner