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Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #6




Mind Meld

Issue #6

52 Pages, Black and White
In Tolerance
Examining censorship and freedom in spaces both private and public. (Editorial) 
By Terry Wessner 

Little Monster
Even a werewolf has to go to the dentist.  (Story) 
By Tom Turrittin

Art of Marc Schirmeister

Victory Through Were-Power
An examination of some of the less well known lycanthropic abilities in folklore and legend.  (Acticle) 
By Michael D. Winkle

Even more comic strip adventures of Pete and his unique friends.  (Comics) 
By Steve Artelle

In a world where everyone is a werecreature, there can be precious little room for love.  (Story) 
By Douglas Goodman

Art of Torrle Z Wolf

What did a coyote do to get such persecution?  (Story) 
By Michael D. Winkle

Buster Wilde: Weerwolf
Premiering the comic strip adventures of a friendly and somewhat loony werewolf, who also happens to be gay.  (Comics) 
By Scott Zellman

Art of Bill Schmickle

Submission Guidelines

Mature Readers Special - Call for Submissions

Front Cover  Talon

Back Cover  Scott Zellman

Additional Art  Andrew Pidcock, Silverfox

Editor  Terry Wessner

Buster Wilde:  Weerwolf