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Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #7



Issue #8

62 Pages, Black and White
We'll Make You a Star, Baby!
Werewolves in Hollywood? Not bloody likely! (Editorial) 
By Terry Wessner

Comic strip adventures of Pete and his unique friends. In this issue - robots! (Comics) 
By Steve Artelle

Winter's Eve
Along the northern shores, in times long past, the Viking women keep a strange secret. (Story)
By Lea Cogburn

Art of Hiker

The Convention
You meet the most interesting people at furry conventions. (Story)
By Melissa Drake

Art of Bill Schmickle

The Fox-Girl:  Book II
The Lord of the Forest  (Part 1)
The sequel to "The Fox-Girl" (FC&S #2) finds Li Shang and Argenius Frost embroiled in the sinister plans of a werewolf king. (Story)
By Michael D. Winkle

The Incredible Hare
Meet Harold Hopper, a scientist who discovers too late that thunderstorms and fancy headgear don't mix. (Comics)
By Joe Strike and Taral Wayne

Was It a Dream or Awakening?
A nascent werecreature can find help in the most unusual places. (Story)
By Ray Dyer

Buster Wilde: Weerwolf
The comic strip adventures of a friendly and somewhat loony sorta gay werewolf. (Comics) 
By Scott Zellman

Reynard the Werefox 
By Jay Shell

Under the Gun  (Part 1)
While on a location shoot of a movie based on her book, Lisa Dawnwind discovers that there really are some things worse than Hollywood producers. (Story)
By Rodford Edmiston

Dinner Date
By Torrle Z Wolf

Art of Eric Elliott

A Wolf in Human Clothing
Caging a werewolf has always been a very dangerous proposition. (Story)
By Lea Cogburn

An eclectic collection of were art. (Artwork)
By Silvergrin, Silverfox, and Fenris Ulf

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Front Cover  Jay Shell

Back Cover  Eric Elliott

Additional Art  Silverfox, Silvergrin, Terry Wessner

Editor  Terry Wessner