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Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #12



Issue #12

56 Pages, Black and White
The Winter People
Werecreatures are closer than you think.  (Editorial)
By Terry Wessner

Art of Kyoht

Buster Wilde: Weerwolf
The comic strip adventures of a friendly and somewhat loony sorta gay werewolf.  In this issue - Buster makes his final appearance.  (Comics) 
By Scott Zellman

Unwanted Help
 A prologue to what may be the most important event in the life of Lisa Craywood.  (Story)
By Rodford Edmiston

Art of Megan Giles

Art of Marc Schirmeister

Universal Remote
By John Boulton

Not Quite Werewolves II
Tales to Make Your Skin Crawl
More legends and annecdotes of mysterious creatues.  (Article)
By Michael D. Winkle

Comic strip adventures of Pete and his unique friends. n this issue - diet and oral hygiene!  (Comics) 
By Steve Artelle
Art of Loopy

Art of Chris Sawyer

Haunted House
Sometimes plain sight isn't the best place to hide in.  (Story)
By Lea Cogburn

Art of Danny Chiarizia

Art of Bill Schmickle

Art of Roy D. Pounds II

The Fox-Girl:  Book II
The Lord of the Forest  (Part 5)
Argenius Frost fishes for information. Li Shang meets a posthumous relative.  (Story)
By Michael D. Winkle

Art of Melissa Drake

Art of Jay Shell

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Front Cover  Megan Giles

Back Cover  Mellisa Drake

Additional Art  Mellisa Drake, Roy D. Pounds II, Seraph

Editor  Terry Wessner