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Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #12


Issue #15

52 Pages, Black and White

Some Rules of Good Writing
Yes, there really are rules to doing it right, and they won’t step on your creativity.  (Editorial)
By Terry Wessner

Getting in Touch with Your Innner Were
By Richard Bartrop

White Knight
By Loopy

In which the squeaky wheel gets greased...  (Story)
By Sprocket

Art of Bill Schmickle

Relative Problems
Lisa Dawnwind finds out that a family is more than just the people you were born to.  (Story)
By Rodford Edmiston

Art of Roy D. Pounds II

Art of Oakpaw

Midnight Snack
Even at a rundown roadside diner proper dinner etiquette is essential.  (Story)
By Lea Cogburn

Art of Jay Shell

The Fox-Girl:  Book II
The Lord of the Forest  (Part 8)
Argenius Frost learns how the other half lives.
Li Shang calls on strange allies.  (Story)
By Michael D. Winkle

Art of Megan Giles

Camping Trip
Any woods hold secrets, waiting to be revealed.  (Story)
By Allen Kitchen

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Front Cover  Roy D. Pounds II

Back Cover  Bill Schmickle

Additional Art  Keglunek, Roy D. Pounds II, David Schneberger, Talon, Sara Williams

Editor  Terry Wessner