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Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #18

Issue #18

58 Pages, Black and White

Floating Down the Stream of Consciousness
Whatever gets the job done.  (Editorial)
By Terry Wessner

Art of Tim Johnson

Calling of the Cats
Lisa Dawnwind goes seeking feline wisdom.  (Story)
By Rodford Edmiston

Art of Kyoht

Art of Arikla

Cave of the Bear Clan
An exploration of the archeology of the mysterious. (Story)
By Ben Goodridge

Art of Synnabar

Art of Hiker

Starwolf - Part 1
The first installment of a fan fiction novel starring vampire detective Hannibal King and the ferocious Man-Wolf. (Story)
By Michael D. Winkle

The Dragontamer
By Loopy

Art of Megan Giles

One Evening at a Fine Chinese Restaurant
Roy D. Pounds II

The P-Shifter
They have instructional videos for everything these days. (Story)
By Aaron Roth

Art of Uriel Durán

Art of Bill Schmickle

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Front Cover  Tim Johnson

Back Cover  Richard Bartrop

Additional Art  Uriel Durán, Gilda, Tracy Reynolds, Jay Shell

Editor  Terry Wessner