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Fifth Season
Lycanthropic Passion

Fifth Season is a publication that celebrates lycanthropic themes in pictures and stories for a mature audience.  In its pages the werewolf is not a monster, but a person of great power and beauty.  Tales and artwork of werewolves, werecats, weresnakes, females, males, love, murder, sex, and humour are all featured.  Sometimes arousing, sometimes shocking, always something beyond the everyday.


Cover: Fang, Claw, and Steel #6


Mind Meld


80 Pages, Black and White

Secret Origins
Where did this zine come from anyway?  (Editorial) 
By Terry Wessner 

Art of Jay Shell

King for a Day
Lessons learned from experience aren't always ones you can use later in life.  (Comics) 
By Jay Shell 

In a world where lycanthropy is commonplace, some werepeople still have their secrets.  (Story) 
By Lyka

Paw Rub
By Torrle Z Wolf

The Time I Nearly Got...
Truth or dare - werecreature style.  (Comics) 
By Loopy

Art of Loopy

DoYouDoYouDoYou Love Forevermore?
Songs of desire and transition.  (Story) 
By Phil Geusz

Art of Bill Schmickle

Art of Torrle Z Wolf

A Tale of Coyote 
Answering the unasked question - don't spirits get tired of being summoned all the time?  (Story) 
By Hiker

Wolf Spirits
Perhaps this is why spirits might not mind being summoned?  (Comics) 
By Wookiee

The Brotherhood 
Adolescence can be especially painfully when you're a budding werewolf in a lycanthrophobic family.  (Story) 
By LoveBear

Art of Roy D. Pounds II

The Master of Cuts 
A werecougar investigates a series of gruesome murders, and the only suspects are... Aztecs?  (Story) 
By Rodford Edmiston

By John Boulton

Buster Wilde: Weerwolf 
Premiering the comic strip adventures of a friendly and somewhat loony werewolf, who also happens to be gay.  (Comics) 
By Scott Zellman

Ambition, deception, treachery, and lies - some werewolves can be almost human.  (Story) 
By Gre7g Luterman

Art of "The Werewolf"

Front Cover  Goldenwolf

Back Cover  Torrle Z Wolf

Additional Art   Jay Shell, Silverfox, Torrle Z Wolf

Editor  Terry Wessner

Buster Wilde:  Weerwolf