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The Man-Wolf

Biographical Data

  • Real Name: John Jameson
  • Other Current Aliases: Stargod
  • Dual Identity: Registered with US government
  • Current Occupation: Test Pilot
  • Former Occupation: Security Chief, monster hunter, pilot, demigod, lupine berserker, astronaut
  • Citizenship: United States of America
  • Legal Status: No criminal record
  • Place of Birth: New York, New York
  • Marital Status: Single (previous marriage annulled)
  • Known Relatives: J.Jonah Jameson(father), Joan Jameson(mother, deceased), Marla Madison(stepmother), Jennifer Walters (former wife)
  • Known Confidants: She-Hulk
  • Known Allies: She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hellcat
  • Major Enemies: Arisen Tyrk, Kraven(deceased), Spencer Smythe(deceased), Alistair Smythe
  • Usual Base of Operations: New York, New York
  • Former Base of Operations: (as Man-Wolf) Mobile, (as Stargod) the Other Realm
  • Current Group Membership: USAF
  • Former Group Membership: Avengers' Support Crew, NASA
  • Extent of Education: Unspecified university degree.

Physical Description

  • Height: (as Man-Wolf) 6' 6", (as Jameson) 6' 2"
  • Weight: (as Man-Wolf) 350 lbs, (as Jameson) 200 lbs
  • Eyes: (as Man-Wolf) Yellow, (as Jameson) Brown
  • Hair: (as Man-Wolf) White, (as Jameson) Red-brown
  • Other Distinguishing Features: The Man-Wolf's head resembles that of an arctic wolf, his body is covered in dense white fur, his fingers and toes end in sharp claws, and he has pads on the bottoms of his feet.


John Jameson was an astronaut who had been on several missions before being selected for a secret mission to the moon. While there he discovered a ruby-like gemstone that he felt compelled to own. He stole it from quarantine and began wearing it as a pendant. The moonstone proved to be an alien artifact that attached itself to Jameson's throat and on nights of the full moon transformed him into the Man-Wolf, a powerful and violent wolf-like humanoid. For months Jameson tried and failed to stop the transformations, eventually stalking his own father, J.Jonah Jameson and then-fiance, Kristine Saunders. Spider-Man intervened and fought the Man-Wolf, eventually ripping the moonstone from the creature's throat. Jameson reverted to his human form, seemingly cured.

Later, Morbius reattached the moonstone to Jameson so that he could use the Man-Wolf as a pawn in a scheme to cure himself of his vampiric illness, a scheme that was thwarted by Spider-Man. Now Jameson transformed into the Man-Wolf whenever the moon was above the horizon. As the moon waned from its full phase the Man-Wolf's strength diminished and more of Jameson's intelligence emerged. On the run for being AWOL, the Man-Wolf fought Kraven and the Hatemonger before Jameson finally surrendered to the authorities. Unaware of his condition, they offered to drop charges against him if he would investigate a communications blackout on an orbiting space station. Jameson discovered the station had been seized by warriors from the extradimensional Other Realm, the origin point of his moonstone. They convinced him to return with them.

In the Other Realm, Jameson retained his personality and intelligence as the Man-Wolf. The Realmites told him his moonstone was created centuries ago by their dying lupine Stargod to pass his powers on to his successor. On Earth it could only partly transform Jameson into the new Stargod. The Man-Wolf helped the Realmites defeat the tyrant Arisen Tyrk and then used his powers to return to Earth. Again subject to the partial effects of the moonstone, the Man-Wolf was kidnapped and controlled by Spencer Smythe in an attempt to get revenge on J.Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. When Smythe tried to destroy the Man-Wolf, his moonstone teleported him to another dimension where he again became the Stargod. The Man-Wolf returned briefly to the Other Realm and, with the aid of the She-Hulk and Hellcat, saved it from destruction by relocating the planet into another dimension. Although he had begun to enjoy being the Stargod, Jameson decided to return to Earth. He could not remember the Other Realm or the Stargod and allowed Spider-Man and Dr. Curt Conners to administer a biomagnetic treatment that caused his body to reject the moonstone, which crumbled to powder. Once more Jameson ceased transforming into the Man-Wolf.

After recovering in a sanitorium, Jameson became Captain America's pilot. Eventually he was contacted by the villain Dredmund Druid. Jameson attempted to defeat Dredmund himself, but was overpowered and temporarily transformed into a werewolf that greatly resembled his Man-Wolf form. Dredmund reassembled the moonstone and attempted to use it, but was defeated by Captain America and the moonstone was destroyed again. Disheartened, Jameson resigned as Cap's pilot. He tried being a freelance monster-hunter, but gave this up when Dr. Ashley Kafka offered him the post of Security Chief at Ravencroft, a security asylum for holding criminally insane superhumans.  Ravencroft's history was tumultuous, marred by hostage takings, multiple escapes, a temporary closure and unsuccessful attempts to rehabilitate its inmates.  Eventually both Kafka and Jameson were fired.

Shortly after, Jameson began to exhibit abnormal behaviour as a result of being unknowingly mind controlled by the villain Jack O' Lantern.  Under hypnotherapy to discover the cause, Jameson temporarily reverted to his Man-Wolf form. He was seemingly cured and resumed his human form. At some point Jameson's memory of his adventures as the Stargod returned and he revealed this to Jennifer Walters (the She-Hulk) while they were on a lunch date together. Jameson and Walters became lovers and eventually moved in together, sharing an apartment with Walters' coworker Agustus Pugliese.

She-Hulk's love for Jameson was intensified without her knowledge by Eros of Titan. While in this state the two lovers eloped to Las Vegas and got married. Word of their marriage infuriated Alistair Smythe (son of the late Spencer Smythe) who blamed the Jameson family for his father's death. Smythe injected Jameson with an unknown liquid that triggered his change back into the savage Man-Wolf. This time Jameson was contacted by a mysterious voice encouraging him to stop fighting the power that was once again being offered to him. Jameson did so and again became the Stargod even while on Earth, no longer subject to the previous limitations of the Man-Wolf form. At the same time, the love whammy on She-Hulk was removed, cooling her affection for new husband, although Jameson's love for She-Hulk remained strong.

Jameson confessed that he did now want to remain the Stargod because he believed having powers made him arrogant and savage. When he tried to convince She-Hulk to give up her powers as well, she announced that their relationship was over. Dejected, Stargod sought adventure in outer space before eventually returning to Earth. He resumed his human form and tried to reconcile with Jennifer, but when she rejected him again Jameson released their relationship truly was over and he signed the papers annulling their marriage.

Powers & Paraphernalia

Strength level: (as Man-Wolf) 4 tons, (as Jameson) Normal, (as Stargod) Unknown

Known Superhuman Powers

The Man-Wolf can survive in the vacuum of space. As the Stargod he has cosmic powers, the full extent of which are not yet known. In his human form Jameson has no powers.


John Jameson is an excellent pilot.


John Jameson originally became the Man-Wolf via a moonstone that attached itself symbiotically to his throat. As the Stargod he wears an armour of scale mail.


The Stargod uses a broadsword, dagger, short bow and arrows.


  • First Appearance: (as Jameson) ASM#1, (as Man-Wolf) ASM#124
  • Origin Issue: ASM#125, Marvel Premiere#45
  • Significant Issues:
    • ASM#1 (rescued by Spider-Man when space capsule malfunctioned)
    • ASM#42 (gained super-human strength from space spores; battled Spider-Man; mind was affected; cured by electric shock)
    • ASM#124-125 (became the Man-Wolf, attacked J.Jonah Jameson; battled Spider-Man, who tore the moonstone from the Man-Wolf's throat)
    • Giant Size Superheroes#1 (became the Man-Wolf again when Morbius reattached the moonstone; battled Spider-Man)
    • Creatures on the Loose#30-37 (AWOL and on the run from the authorities)
    • CotL#32-33 (hunted and captured by Kraven)
    • CotL#36-37 (traveled into space; first encountered Realmites)
    • Marvel Premiere#45-46 (traveled to Other Realm; as Stargod, defeated oppressor Arisen Tyrk; returned to Earth)
    • MTU#36-37 (battled Spider-Man and Frankenstein Monster; taken into custody by SHIELD)
    • ASM#188-190 (kidnapped by Spencer Smythe; forced to attacked J.Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man; teleported to a pocket dimension)
    • Savage She-Hulk#13-14 (with She-Hulk and Hellcat, saved the Other Realm from gravitational collapse; returned to Earth)
    • SSM Annual#3 ("cured" of being the Man-Wolf by Spider-Man and Dr. Curt Conners)
    • ASM Annual#18 (was kidnapped by Scorpion while recovering at sanitorium)
    • Captain America#358 (became Captain America's pilot)
    • CA#402-408 (attempted to defeat Dredmund Druid; was changed into Man-Wolf-like werewolf; rescued by Captain America, resigned as Cap's pilot)
    • ASM#375, ASM Annual#27 (briefly became a freelance monster-hunter)
    • WoSM#112 (became Security Chief at Ravencroft)
    • SSM #246 (fired from Security Chief job)
    • SSM #250 (temporarily became the Man-Wolf again)
    • She-Hulk #5 (began dating Jennifer Walter (She-Hulk))
    • She-Hulk 2 #9 (married She-Hulk)
    • She-Hulk 2 #10 (became the Man-Wolf again)
    • She-Hulk 2 #11 (became the Stargod again).
    • She-Hulk 2 #14 (Stargod and She-Hulk separate)
    • She-Hulk 2 #20 (Stargod and She-Hulk marriage annulled)